Death of a Supermodel (Fashion Avenue Mysteries, #2)

Death of a Supermodel (Fashion Avenue Mysteries, #2)
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 3.95
Pages: 268 pages
Published: July 23rd 2012
Series Laura Carnegie Murder Mysteries #2
Category: Mystery
Author: Christine DeMaio-Rice

A Murder on the Runway When stick-thin supermodel Thomasina Wente dies of poisoning, the irony isn't lost on fledgling designer and reluctant sleuth Laura Carnegie. It was widely assumed not eating would do Thomasina in, making her unglamorous exit twice as shocking for New York's fashion aficionados, not to mention disastrous for Laura, her sister, and their very first, make-or-break runway show. A Catwalk Full of Suspects After Laura got to the bottom of the Pomerantz case, she decided sleuthing was too last season. She hopes Detective Cangemi can handle all the heavy lifting this time since plenty of folks wanted Thomasina dead: Bob, the football-star-turned-hedge-fund guru; Rolf, the sociopathic brother with skinhead connections; Roquelle Rik, modeling agent, and Penelope Sidewinder, model minder, the twin dragons of the fashion world. Yet, with so many leads to choose from, Cangemi focuses on Laura's sister, Ruby. For Laura, her sister as murderer just doesn't make the cut. The Fashion Avenue Mysteries In Death of a Supermodel, Laura Carnegie, her sister Ruby, Jeremy St. James, Stu, and a supporting cast of backstabbers, manipulators and ruthless ladder-climbers return for another merry go-round through New York's fashion center.

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