Velvet Glove: Volume II

Velvet Glove: Volume II
Goodreads Rating: 4.09
Pages: 328 pages
Published: February 13th 2008 by Torquere Press
Series Velvet Glove #2
Category: Erotica
Author: Sean Michael

The Velvet Glove is an exclusive men's club. Members come for the food, the comfortable atmosphere, and service a man can't get elsewhere. Top or bottom, there's something for everyone at the Glove, and heat waits beyond closed doors. Daniel seems spoiled and bratty, but what he needs is a firm hand. Zane has been watching Daniel for a long time, and he thinks he knows just what to do. He takes Daniel on, but can he prove that he can see what Daniel needs? Kestrel makes sure everything runs smoothly at the Velvet Glove. He takes care of everyone, but who takes care of him? Bartender Jim has some good ideas about making Kestrel happy, but when he asks Kes to join him on a date, will things go as he plans? Sampson is too tall to be anything but awkward outside, but in the Velvet Glove he shines, confident in his ability as a top. When he meets Alain, it breaks Sampson's heart. Alain has been without a top, and any kind of touch, for too long. Can Sampson prove himself and win Alain's heart? Kytan and Rivan love what they have, but they know they need more.

When two emotionally damaged young men find their way into Ky and Van's lives, they decide they've found the perfect family. Can they convince Hinton and Jewel they know what's best?

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