Vaccine and Serum Evils

Vaccine and Serum Evils
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 4.67
Pages: 46 pages
Published: February 3rd 1998 by Society of Metaphysicians Ltd
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Author: Herbert M. Shelton

As expected, this booklet is an outspoken condemnation of vaccination, which Shelton regarded as a “filthy practice” originating in religious superstition. The first chapter presents vaccination as dangerous, based on testimonials and epidemiological records. He cites newspaper accounts of people harmed by vaccines, and cases from medical journals. Such anecdotal evidence doesn’t necessarily prove anything. In chapter two he argues from logic and empirical evidence that vaccination is ineffective in conferring immunity. The whole vaccination practice is predicated on the belief that diseases such as smallpox and diphtheria confer immunity to themselves. Not true, says Shelton, citing many examples of recurrences. The answer to infectious diseases is “scrupulous hygiene,” not inoculations with septic matter.

In chapter three, Shelton urges readers not to contribute money to medically-controlled organizations like the Red Cross that promote vaccinations. This booklet may be somewhat outdated, as vaccines may have changed a bit since its time. But its principles are still worthy of consideration. Questions remain: Vaccines consist of “septic matter (pus)” from infected animals, says Shelton. If we grant that all vaccinations are toxic, are they acceptable as lesser evils? Compulsory vaccination is still criminal, he says . How do vaccines work? Shelton’s simple answer is that they don’t work. Then how does he explain the claims of progress against diseases such as smallpox and polio? I wish the author had gone more into the science of immunology and less into mere anecdotes and testimonials, but this booklet is worth reading. Typos detract from its readability, but not much from its credibility.

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