The Fury Out of Time

The Fury Out of Time
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 3.61
Pages: 264 pages
Published: December 19th 1999 by Wildside Press (first published 1965)
Category: Science Fiction
Author: Lloyd Biggle Jr.

The object arrived without warning, tearing a spiral path of devastation across the rural landscape. After the explotion, searchers sifted through the immense pile of debris ... to discover a fantastically instrumented capsule, and a strangely human pilot, stone dead. Bowden Karvel's theory, that the capsule's port of origin lay in the distant future, seemed a plausible explanation. But while investigating, the capsule was accidentally dispatched again through time ...

only to reappear with an alien navigator, this time destroying a small French town. One thing seemed imperative: a human operator must man the intricate controls of the capsule, riding it forward to its mysterious point of origin. And Bowden Karvel seemed the perfect choice to make the trip...

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