The Clerkenwell Tales

The Clerkenwell Tales
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 3.24
Pages: 213 pages
Published: November 8th 2005 by Anchor Books (first published 2003)
Category: Historical
Author: Peter Ackroyd

From the foremost contemporary chronicler of London's history, a suspenseful novel that ingeniously draws on Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales to recreate the city's 14th century religious and political intrigues. London, 1399. Sister Clarice, a nun born below Clerkenwell convent, is predicting the death of King Richard II and the demise of the Church. Her visions can be dismissed as madness, until she accurately foretells a series of terrorist explosions.

What is the role of the apocalyptic Predestined Men? And the clandestine Dominus? And what powers, ultimately, will prevail? In Peter Ackroyd's deft and suprising narrative, The Miller, the Prioress, the Wife of Bath and other characters from Canterbury Tales pursue these mysteries through a pungently vivid medieval London.

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