The Call of the Crown (The Dragon Oracles, #1)

The Call of the Crown (The Dragon Oracles, #1)
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 3.86
Pages: 450 pages
Published: August 5th 2013 by T.J.Garrett
Series The Dragon Oracles #1, The Eastern Kingdom Chronicles #1
Category: Fantasy
Author: T.J. Garrett

An old evil has awakened. A chance encounter by a group of unlikely friends could be the only chance of salvation. Classic fantasy adventure in the style of Robert Jordan and J.R.R. Tolkien..

A group of unlikely friends get much more than they bargain for while on what they believed would be an uneventful journey. "Son, if you are capable of great deeds, then for greatness you must strive; for where would we be if such men sat idle?" - Olam O'lamb. War made Moyathair. For centuries it is all its people had known.

Wars of greed and power, never of justice or freedom.

The North fought for the mines, the Islands fought for trade, and the South for gold.

Only the Dragons fought for honour - and then not all of them. But for all the threat of war, a generation of peace had come to Moyathair. As fragile as it was, the farmers returned to their fields, the cities healed their wounds, and the common folk looked to a brighter future. But nobody was 'really' watching. An old evil had returned, moving silently while the cities slept. The Kel'madden were stronger than ever, strong and vengeful, eager to right on old defeat at the hands of the Surabhan..

Only a chance encounter by a group of unlikely friends could warn Moyathair of things to come - if they can stay alive long enough to tell anybody. A wise man, his 'giant' companion, two old soldiers and three mismatched teenagers, are Moyathair's only hope for peace.

Can they unravel the mystery of the Kel! And if so, reach help in time to make a difference?

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