The Any Everything Man

The Any Everything Man
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 4.5
Pages: 250 pages
Published: June 27th 2011 by CeJa Publishing (first published 2011)
Category: Uncategorized
Author: Johnnie Dent Jr.

Jacqueline "Jackie" Folsom has a knack for meeting the needs of others. Jackie works as the head front desk clerk at the Lazy Daisy Inn. She is a woman that will give her soul to see others succeed. She lives in New Mexico and is disconnected from her family due to a shaded past. Her life is simple, no children, at work all day, and coming home to a man who enjoys video games, dry sex, and smoking. When Eni H. Kendall, a true gentleman, smooth with his words, and mysterious enters the scene, Jackie is feeling him. But there is just one problem, he solicits her to help him find a wife. Now Jackie finds herself in a dilemma; stuck with Mr. Open Relationship, considering Mr. Right, and meanwhile longing for Mr. Perfect.

With all the tumultuous events of her life, would she be able to help Eni before the agreed upon deadline? Does she choose the man who would do anything for her or the man who is everything to her? Can an imperfect woman help the perfect man get what he really needs?

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