Satan's Garden

Satan's Garden
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 4.41
Pages: 318 pages
Published: March 30th 2014 by Kit Lyman
Category: Thriller
Author: Kit Lyman

READERS' FAVORITE 2014 GOLD MEDAL WINNER FOR THRILLER FICTION Satan's Garden explores the story of ten-year-old twin sisters and how their lives diverge after one is kidnapped. It chronicles their experiences in parallel over the course of six years, unfolding the independent challenges they face while struggling to survive worlds apart from each other. This book club pick inspires readers to see that love, friendship, and faith can survive in spite of the most terrible circumstances. Dani and Keely imagined that life was more magical than others believed. If they had to be summed up, their one plus one would equal three. Together, they became something greater. It was twin sisters against the world. But the world had different plans. The man followed them to their secret tree house that unusually warm day in September. He only came for one, there and gone in the blink of an eye. Satan’s Garden takes you on the six-year journey of two sisters who learn what it means to survive. It’s a story of resiliency, hope, and above all, a bond that cannot be taken away. It teaches us how quickly life can change and yet how much of it we can change ourselves.

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