Of Castles And Kings

Of Castles And Kings
Goodreads Rating: 4.0
Pages: 577 pages
Published: September 1st 2017
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Author: Gry Hala

Of Castles and Kings is the first book in a timeless trilogy of poetic justice and uncompromising truth, bringing the soul of a man—and a city—to life. Paulus Dean is a defiant young gangster who struggles to define his power in a world that has always denied his purpose. Shadowed by the woman he loves, and by the men—and memories—he fears, he treats life as it has treated him, until a murder of retribution forces the reveal of his heart, where a strange redemption is born. Peopled by heroes and hustlers both indiscernible and indestructible, Of Castles and Kings moves from the sharecropping fields of the rural South to the splendor of 125th Street, from the prayers of biblical prophets to that of policy kings, evoking the tragedy of a violent man and the enduring triumph of his ideals.

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