Night Raven

Night Raven
Language English
ISBN: 9781603943529
Goodreads Rating: 3.72
Published: September 2009 by New Concepts Publishing
Category: Science Fiction
Author: Lyssa Hart, Kaitlyn O'Connor

The pheromones made it possible to track the vixen to lair, but it also wreaked havoc with their sex drives-which no one had counted on.

As squad leader, it was Raven's job to keep a cool head, whatever the circumstances, but the ease with which Nika decimated the control of his squad members was unnerving enough to make him wary anyway. The woman was dangerous! Nika wasn't thrilled to have the company guard, the cops, and the militia on her heels, but it sort of went with the job, especially when she'd stumbled into the middle of a deep, dark secret a lot of people were willing to kill to bury. Right up until she discovered they considered her a captive, though, she'd thought it was her idea to join Raven's squad on the run.

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