My Secrets Your Lies

My Secrets Your Lies
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 4.12
Pages: 232 pages
Published: April 2nd 2007 by Million Thoughts Publishing
Series Chyna #1
Category: Adult Fiction
Author: N'tyse

If someone could have warned Sand that being in love was so costly, she might have taken the oath to never fall in love. All her years of loving women have cost her more than life itself- her family. Without looking back after being kicked out of her parent's home when they discover her secret life in a shoe box of love letters, Sand unexpectedly receives a phone call from a family friend, bearing the tragic news that her mother has passed from breast cancer. At her family's request, she's asked to not attend the funeral. With so much agony already instilled, Sand just adds that to the collection, turning to her liquid pain killer to temporarily ease the hurt. Over the next few months, Rene's 'alone time' has allowed her a chance to evaluate her relationship with her lover, Sand, and forces her to question her own sexuality. Recycled through the foster system as early as four, Rene is one whose become accustomed to change. Even when she falls for a banker who just happens to be white, doesn't surprise her. But the day he proposes to her, does. As she struggles with ways to tell him she's currently involved with another woman, observing his gay-bashing behavior makes it difficult to do. While her heart says one thing her mind says another, leaving her confused and secretive all over again. As Sand and Rene face separate challenges, that is the least bit of their problems. The neighborhood's 'queen-pen' who everyone knows as Chyna, is not one to be played with. With her ears to the streets and her eyes on every dollar floating around Dallas, Texas, it's impossible for anything to get past her.

So when she propositions Sand and Rene, it's no strange coincidence. Not when you have a motive of your own.

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