Masquerade at Sea House

Masquerade at Sea House
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 4.0
Pages: 173 pages
Published: 1965 by McGraw-Hill
Category: Uncategorized
Author: Elisabeth Ogilvie

Monica Christie and her brother Martin didn't intend to take anything that wasn't theirs, only to borrow it for a little while. To the brother and sister who had lived in many European cities, Sea House and Sea Island meant America. They were just going to steal two weeks' escape at Sea House, and recapture some of the happy times they had spent with their father. How could anything bad ever happen at Sea House? But something was wrong. There were the strange, dragging noises in the night; the beautiful, antique chess set that disappeared; the odd behavior of Homer Brice. Worst of all, Monica and Martin knew they were imposters. Mystery adds tension and suspense to Elisabeth Ogilvie's new teenage novel. A family-owned Maine island makes an unusually romantic and atmospheric setting.

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