Many Things Have Happened Since He Died

Many Things Have Happened Since He Died
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 3.75
Pages: 267 pages
Published: January 8th 1992 by Vintage (first published 1990)
Category: Fiction
Author: Elizabeth Dewberry

I was intrigued and startled by this novel from beginning to end. Dewberry's young female narrator's voice is brilliant in her ugly honesty, confusion, and denial.

I'm also a sucker for self-reflexive narratives and Dewberry's narrator mocks the construction of stories as much as she revels in it. The story is often fragmented and confuses fantasy with reality, displaying the narrator's desire to construct her life into what she wishes it could be, to deny what is and to write about what she wishes for until it can, impossibly, be true.

Often haunting, yet also hilarious, this narrator will not be forgotten.

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