Lover and Deceiver

Lover and Deceiver
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 3.17
Pages: 190 pages
Published: January 1st 1986 by Dell Publishing
Category: Romance
Author: Cathie Linz

As director of her local community theater group, Erin Rossi was looking for a very special man. When corporate tax attorney Jonathan Garrett appeared to audition, she knew she'd found her perfect lead. Little did she know that beneath the three-piece suits he wore—even to rehearsals—there was a knock-'em-dead playboy. Determined to broaden his horizons, Erin embarked on a campaign to show him how to relax and loosen up—and discovered fireworks instead! But why was Jonathan so intent on hiding his spontaneous sensual side? A graphic artist by day, Erin knew what it meant to lead a double life. But who was the real Jonathan Garrett—and could she find out without losing her head and her heart?

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