Life with the Little People

Life with the Little People
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 4.67
Pages: 161 pages
Published: January 1st 1998 by Greenfield Review Press
Category: Occult
Author: Robert J. Perry, Chester Scott

Folktales. Mythology. With illustrations by Chester Scott. In LIFE WITH THE LITTLE PEOPLE, Robert Johnson Perry weaves history, traditional information, family stories and his own fiction to create a facinating look into the magical world of the Little People...Follow him into this world.

You will be enthralled. (--Gayle Ross) After a career as a chemical engineer, Perry, a Chickasaw Indian, was able to devote his time and energy to writing, dedicating himself to recording many of the stories passed on to him by Native American elders from various tribes. These stories are both fantastical and entirely possible.

It's not so much that 'little people' exist, writes Perry in his introduction, or even that herbs were used, it's that simple faith is enough for healing to occur. The book is a magical reading experience for any reader, or, as we Muskogeans say--'Felep ah gez oschee!'--they'll have a really good time. (--Will Hill, Kabitcha Feke Seko)

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