Kirinyaga (A Fable of Utopia, #1)

Kirinyaga (A Fable of Utopia, #1)
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 3.96
Pages: 293 pages
Published: June 1999 by Del Rey (first published November 1988)
Series A Fable of Utopia #1
Category: Science Fiction
Author: Mike Resnick

Kirinyaga: A Fable of Utopia collects Mike Resnick's famous Kirinyaga stories and ties them together in a thematic arc that has novel-like continuity. The story focuses on Koriba, a mundumugu (sort of like a witch doctor and a wise man rolled into one) of the Kikuyu tribe. Koriba feels that his tribe has been corrupted by "European" technology, so he helps to establish a small, utopian planetoid named Kirinyaga where the Kikuyu can return to their roots, farming the land and worshipping the god Ngai without technological or cultural interference. As utopias go, Kirinyaga experiences its fair share of problems--both from within and without--each of which is detailed in the individual chapters and stories. Contents: One Perfect Morning, with Jackals (1991) Kirinyaga (1988) For I Have Touched the Sky (1989) Bwana (1990) The Manamouki (1990) Song of a Dry River (1992) The Lotus and the Spear (1992) A Little Knowledge (1994) When the Old Gods Die (1995) The Land of Nod (1996)

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