Jessica’s Wolves (Wolf Masters, #3)

Jessica’s Wolves (Wolf Masters, #3)
Goodreads Rating: 3.92
Published: January 5th 2015 by Hartwood Publishing (first published December 23rd 2012)
Series Wolf Masters #3
Category: Erotica
Author: Becca Jameson

Jessica Murphy has been living a lie. A childhood trauma has caused her to deny her true self, and she has no intention of ever revealing who she really is. As a first-year teacher making her way in life, the last thing she expects or desires is for two hunky men to walk into her school and insist she is their mate. Charles Masters has been sowing his wild oats in Texas with his best friend, Reese Becker. When the two return home to Oregon for the holidays, they arrive with a young woman in tow who carries her own bundle of secrets.

Caught between two females, Reese and Charles must juggle the woman they are destined to claim and the promises they've made to the desperate younger female wolf. A complex web of secrecy and denial unfolds as Jessica accepts her mates … and herself. Will the mysterious past uniting Jessica to her new extended family prove to be more than she is willing to handle?

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