Giving It All: Saxon & Jenny (Hellfire Riders MC, #8)

Giving It All: Saxon & Jenny (Hellfire Riders MC, #8)
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 4.13
Pages: 144 pages
Published: December 28th 2015
Series Hellfire Riders MC #8, The Motorcycle Clubs #25
Category: Romance
Author: Kati Wilde

This Christmas, the Hellfire Riders must repay an old debt that could tear Saxon Gray’s world apart… If a club owes a favor, then a club pays up when that favor’s called in. So when the Hellfire Riders are asked to hide someone away at the ranch over the holidays, as club president I’m obligated to accept—even though the old man we’re protecting sure as hell ain’t Ol’ Saint Nick. He’s my father. But the conniving old man better not expect a heartwarming Christmas reunion. The only family that matters to me now is Jenny Erickson—whose grief-shattered heart hasn’t had time to heal since she lost her father to cancer. She’s too fragile, so I’ll do anything to keep the old bastard away from her. But I never imagined I might be the one who was hurting her… Author's Note: Giving It All is a holiday novella featuring Saxon and Jenny (their original story can be found in Hellfire Riders, Volumes 1-3: Saxon & Jenny box set). I originally intended to release this novella after Gunner & Anna’s book, since it takes place after that story. But I’ve taken out spoilers for that book and will be releasing the novella for Christmas. The novella also includes bonus deleted chapters from Breaking It All — Gunner & Anna’s story. No spoilers! The chapters are simply the “how Gunner & Anna met” scenes from ten years before the start of their book.

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