Galen & the Prince (Nabeda #1)

Galen & the Prince (Nabeda #1)
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 2.32
Pages: 111 pages
Published: February 15th 2014 by Amazon Digital Services
Series Nabeda #1, Nabeda #1
Category: Fantasy
Author: Darina Smith, Joan Smith

Warning: Explicit Adult Content Nabeda is a series with mystery, romance and adventure. It's a planet with inhabitants such as wild beasts, mystical creatures and men of magic. Book 1: Galen & the Prince Galen, a teenage boy, is on the run from the dangerous Sorcerer Sento. He tries his best to escape but is attacked with agonizing wounds to his legs. He cannot run anymore and decides to give up and let the man have his vile and wicked ways with him. Galen believes this is the end for him as he waits for the Sorcerer. But it’s not the Sorcerer that comes to him. There’s another powerful man in the woods. He is Darne, Prince of Nabeda, and he decides to intervene, only it’s not the friendly intervention. Darne is feared by all in the lands, and Galen soon realizes that he has now attracted the attention of two of the most powerful men on Nabeda. Darne holds Galen captive till the teenager starts falling for him. Strange as it would seem, the Prince starts experiencing the similar feelings of love. Galen has never known love, and Darne has never loved anyone. Will the two of them work things out? Will Darne save Galen from the vicious Sorcerer?

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