Felt Tips: Office-Supply Erotica

FELT TIPS – The World’s Greatest Charity Anthology of Office-Supply-Related Erotica!Please congratulate all our fine Felt Tips writers when you see them on Twitter. They donated their time and talents to this charity anthology. Because of them, some kids who couldn't afford new school supplies and some down-on-their-luck parents who can’t afford work clothes will be getting a hand from our one-handed read. Felt Tips - Table of Contents: Indelible by Jenny Lyn Taking Dictation by Karen Booth Hard at Work by Karen Stivali The Saint of Office Hell by Heather Cole Of Silver, Sin, and School Desks by Blacksilk Mine by Brittany Lawrence What Is It, Suzie? by Eric Andrew Satchwill My New Office Chair by Gwen Marie Porter Proof by Amber Lin Stapled by Jason Darrick Getting Down to Business by Kelly Jamieson In the Closet by AmyBeth Inverness Special Delivery by Rebecca Stewart The Drawing by Marie Wright Down to the Point by Sopphey Vance Doing it Write by Lynne Silver Mark Me by Jillian Boyd Tape by Shoshanna Evers Vee by Alyssa Linn Palmer The Fountain Pen by Sandra Bunino Trust Me by Antonio Angelo Whiteboard by Lela Gwenn The Night Shift by Xander Grimm The Benefits of Multitasking by Kiki Snow Routine Maintenance by R. Brennan The Boss by Maxine Marsh Private Message by Cara Ellyn All Marked Up by Erin Danielle A Stroke of Peach by Lucy Felthouse The Server by Anya Winter A Rough Night at the Office by Diana Cruz A Planned Encounter by Emily Cale Theo's Donation by Patricia Correll The Motion of the Ocean by Morgan Sierra Open Rack by Candice Bundy The Antique by K. Fish Silky & Silvered by Memory Scarlett All Work & No Play by Michelle Ribaric Turnabout by Stella Harris Caught by Juliana Sliema Embrace the Strength Inside by Jade Adkins What Happens at STAPLES by Amanda Fletcher Love Letters by Allie Sanders Teacher's Pet by Tiffany Reisz

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