Deep Merge

Deep Merge
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 3.87
Pages: 261 pages
Published: April 14th 2014 by Sapphire Books Publishing
Category: Glbt
Author: Linda North

Kaesah, a geneticist from an all female species living on the other side of the galaxy, is stranded on Earth due to the death of her mate who was vital in piloting their starship. Kaesah must report the disturbing events on Earth that could impact the survival of her species. To reach her world, Kaesah has no choice but to find a human woman capable of Deep Merge, a process required to guide her ship through the galaxy. Can Kaesah overcome her aversion to humans to form a harmonious bond with one? Antonia Lorne, Toni, is mourning the death of her spouse. Retiring to bed one night on the promise to herself to start living again, Toni has no idea that she will awaken on a starship with a new course for her life charted. Can she overcome her fear of the unknown to perform Deep Merge? Two women, from different worlds, will join together in a profound and unique way that will herald the start of a new path for their planets and a promising future for themselves.

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