Condition Unknown: Book One: The Path to Revenge

Condition Unknown: Book One: The Path to Revenge
Goodreads Rating: 4.57
Pages: 318 pages
Published: November 27th 2012 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Category: Science Fiction
Author: Kathleen Dove

Abandoned and left to die from a mysterious illness, Kelly Connell was the victim of a corrupt medical system. After a difficult but miraculous recovery from an underground physician, rest and rebuilding her life isn't the only thing occupying Kelly's mind. She becomes obsessed with relentlessly stalking and punishing some of the worst offending physicians who refused to treat her. Her ultimate goal: destroying Dr. Jerry "Reuben" Lumbricus: the chief regulatory physician and head of a corrupt medical panel who wrote the false treatment guidelines that prevented her and many others from getting proper treatment.

"Reuben" and his panel of corrupt physicians accept countless bribes from insurance and top pharmaceutical companies to insure the sick are left to linger from a slow, torturous death. This thrilling entry by Kathleen Dove is the first in an exhilarating series that showcases several women whose lives become intertwined after being victimized. Follow Kelly down a violent path of destruction as she seeks revenge on the corrupt and cowardly. Her anxiety-ridden quest for retribution takes readers on a disturbing but compelling journey through a crooked medical system that callously disregards even children and the elderly. Kelly's moving story highlights her unyielding need to punish the doctors who have not only wronged her but countless others, creating the perfect anti-hero that leaves readers yearning for more. Fans of suspense and corruption everywhere are sure to love this daring new suspense novel. While an average woman's story of retribution and punishment is exciting on it's own, when merged with the high stakes world of the medical system, a disturbing new environment emerges that hits a little too close to home. Kelly's rampage instills readers with an odd and dark exhilaration toward her successes and keeps them coming back for more.

Filled with gripping suspense and violence, Condition Unknown possesses all the components to keep readers hooked until the bitter end. This visceral tale of vengeance offers a unique trip into the normally standardized genre of medical dramas. Packed until the very end with suspense, retribution and carnage, Condition Unknown is the perfect beginning to an amazing new series by Kathleen Dove.

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