Canadian Symbols of Authority: Maces, Chains, and Rods of Office

Canadian Symbols of Authority: Maces, Chains, and Rods of Office
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 5.0
Pages: 360 pages
Published: June 14th 2011 by Dundurn
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Author: Corinna Pike, Christopher McCreery, Prince Andrew, Duke of York's Royal Military School Staff, The Duke of York

The first book to examine the various parliamentary maces, rods, badges, and chains of office used throughout Canada, Canadian Symbols of Authority details how these devices are used at every level of government, emphasizing how, like the Crown itself, they embody continuity in an ever-changing world. Symbols of authority are not only emblems of democracy and authority but they are part of the diverse heraldic and artistic heritage of Canada. Despite Canada's rich symbolic and ceremonial heritage, little has been written about the nations various symbols of authority or the offices that are associated with them. From the Great Maces of the Senate and House of Commons to the Chancellors Chain of the Order of Canada and Baton of the Chief Herald, the development of Canada's symbols of authority encompasses the past 250 years of Canadian history. Richly illustrated, this book is the most comprehensive study yet undertaken of the origins, history, and development of parliamentary maces.

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