Best Friends Forever (The Girls of Canby Hall, #6)

Best Friends Forever (The Girls of Canby Hall, #6)
Goodreads Rating: 3.78
Pages: 188 pages
Published: September 1st 1984 by Scholastic
Series The Girls of Canby Hall #6
Category: Young Adult
Author: Emily Chase

Dana thinks country means quilts from cozy boutiques, and Faith can't imagine a town without hot pretzel vendors... But they find themselves home with Shelley in Iowa for the last weeks of summer, and small-town life is anything but humdrum! One of Shelley's brothers, Jeff, falls hard for Dana, and she wonders if she's always going to attract country types. Everyone is getting ready for the County Fair when Faith is suddenly, shockingly ill. The best doctors in Pine Bluff can't figure out what's wrong. Dana and Shelley stand helplessly by, worried that for Faith, small-town care simply isn't going to be enough.

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