Across the Sea of Suns (Galactic Center, #2)

Across the Sea of Suns (Galactic Center, #2)
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 3.74
Pages: 512 pages
Published: March 1st 2004 by Aspect (first published January 1st 1984)
Series Galactic Center #2
Category: Science Fiction
Author: Gregory Benford

In 2021, radio astronomy on the Moon reveals the presence of life by a nearby red dwarf, on a tide-locked planet.[1] To investigate, Earth's governments convert a space colony into Lancer, a Bussard ramjet powered interstellar ship based on the design of a crashed alien ship discovered in the Mare Marginis. In 2061, it arrives and discovers a primitive race of nomads, broadcasting using organs adapted to emit and receive electromagnetic radiation. A curious satellite is discovered in orbit, at least a million years old, roughly when a meteor shower destroyed the EMs' civilization.

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