A Thing of Beauty (The Sir Henry March Mysteries #1)

A Thing of Beauty (The Sir Henry March Mysteries #1)
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 4.35
Pages: 375 pages
Published: October 12th 2015 by Penner Publishing
Series The Sir Henry March Mysteries #1
Category: Romance
Author: Bianca M. Schwarz

November 1819 To the ordinary observer, the wealthy Sir Henry March, cousin of a duke, seems a typical London gentleman. But to the Crown, Henry is a powerful asset, secret defender of the country. When he sees an injured girl stumbling down the side of the road, he must stop. The stepdaughter of an abusive innkeeper, Eliza Broad is from another class entirely. But the moment Henry lays eyes on the spirited and beautiful girl, he feels a connection. To protect her, he takes her into his home. In Henry, Eliza finds a rescuer, handsome and kind beyond her wildest dreams. But danger is at their heels. On Eliza’s trail is one of London’s vilest and most notorious pimps, a man whose connections tie him to a dark world of sadism and treachery. In this dark, historical thriller, can Eliza and Henry fight to protect England, their hearts, and their lives?

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