A Nightmare

A Nightmare
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 3.69
Published: January 2nd 2010 (first published March 29th 1886)
Category: Short Stories
Author: Anton Chekhov

"February 1886 was a landmark in Chekhov's literary career: his work began to be published in one of the most prestigious and popular Russian newspapers, Novoye vremya (New Time). The offer, unrestricted by volume and terms, came from the owner and managing editor, Alexey Suvorin. Within two months Novoye vremya had published `Office for the Dead', `The Enemies', `Agafia', `A Nightmare', `Easter Eve' - all ranked amongst Chekhov's best short stories." - Excerpted from The Cambridge Companion to Chekhov (Gottleib, Allain; 2000)

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